Pointless Mindscape

Platform-Adventure Game

The Task

Build a compelling navigable environment using Unity3D game engine

This is my senior capstone project at UCLA. I created a 2D game where the player colors an intricate and beautiful world by exploring the space. Seeing so many people stressed in their chaotic daily routine, I hope to bring people moments of peace by guiding them to unfold the delightful animations.


Game Design

Game Development/C#


Cinema 4D

Built 3D Models and Rendered as 2D

Initially, I was going to painstakingly draw out every asset by hand, but I quickly found a better solution: build 3D models and render flat images using Cinema 4D's Sketch and Toon shader. It gave me more iterations of the same asset while maintaining the 2D flat style I was looking for.

Pointless Mindscape image
Pointless Mindscape image

Then, I combined static assets and created the scene in Unity.

Screen cast of game play Screen cast of game play

2D Physics + Raycasting

Diving into the 2D physics engine of Unity, I programmed player's movment using raycasting.

Screen cast of game play Screen cast of game play

Cloth + Jiggle Simulations

To add more organic movement to the player, I rigged the leaf on top of the player's head and applied a jiggle effect to it. I also created a cloth simulation for player's dress.


I developed a camera follow system that not only always follows the player but also zooms in and out as needed.


The animation system was one of the most important elements in the game. Like most of assets, they were made as 3D models, animated, and then rendered. I used this approach to ensure we still get a 3D look with a 2D perspective.

C4D workspace -> Final results

Screen cast of game play

Gameplay Snapshots

Pointless Mindscape Project Feature Image Screen cast of game play Screen cast of game play Screen cast of game play

How to Play

Run Left or Right – Press key A or D
Jump – Press Space Bar

Future Implementations: Story

I have a story in mind and hope to add to the project in the future:

Orby, the main character, is born into a world between their past life and next life, a limbo where they are unable to escape unless they complete building the “bridge” that leads to the gate of the next life.

Throughout the game, Orby would receive messages which their past friends and families burnt for them, containing memories of their past life. They would sometimes come across lost spirits that linger in this world and would be able to give them a little bit of warmth. In return, they would tell snippets of their past lives.

Flowers act as guidance and progress throughout the game. If you find all 5 flowers, the bridge to the next world will appear. When you find the bridge, you will have a choice to either cross it or not.

This is an experience for people who fall into the limbo of nostalgia and have trouble moving on.